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Chronon 3.6 – More goodies

Posted by Prashant Deva on April 1, 2013

Back from Easter? Here are some goodies from us :

Unpacker Improvements

Should get rid of the ‘Cannot Browse to Method‘ messages.

Support for JBoss Tools

(version 3.6.5)

JBoss Tools 4.0 onwards is now supported. You should now be able to record JBoss from within Eclipse.

Debugger Goodies

‘Run To Method’ annotations
Now when you open a recording, there is a ‘run to method’ annotation next to any method that was called atleast once.
1. Hovering over the icon shows you the total number of calls to the method.


2. Clicking on the icon will give you the option to ‘run to’ the method.


Descriptions for Time Bookmarks
Time Bookmarks now allow adding a comment alongside each time bookmark.
Should make it much easier to remember why you put that bookmark in the first place!