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Chronon 3.7 released

Posted by Prashant Deva on April 14, 2013

Lets see what we have this time:
1. Huge Bugfix for Mockito and Spring Framework

Bug was caused by faulty code generation by the cglib library used by these frameworks. Both the Recorder and Unpacker have been updated to now work around this. If you were seeing a ClassCastException during recording or a ‘cannot browse to method’ during debugging it was due to this bug.

2. Automatic toString() in Locals view


A long time coming, but finally here!. Now when you click on an array or an object or a string, you will see its contents auto generated as a toString() in the Locals view. Note that this does not use the toString() method in your object though.

3. Highlighting in Post Execution Logging View
Post Execution Logging view highlights expressions in blue.

4. ‘Event’ instead of ‘Time’ in the Debugger UI

The Debugger UI now correctly uses the ‘event’ label everywhere instead of ‘time’ since the ‘time’ value was really an event counter that you were looking at not wall clock time. This also removes the confusion a lot of people had as to whether the ‘time’ value referred to actual clock time.