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Chronon Recording Server 1.7

Posted by Prashant Deva on August 10, 2011

Today we are updating the Chronon Recording Server to 1.7.

Apart from the obvious download related bug fix, this release contains 2 new features:

1. Active Heap Info


Now you can see the heap size of the application you are recording.
Note that for performance reasons, the heap size is updated only every 5 seconds.

2. Better Recorder Start/Stop Progress Info


Now when you start/stop the recorder on your application:

  1. The progress bar is more accurate
  2. You can see exactly which class is being instrumented


Since this release required changes to the communication protocol, if you are upgrading your existing Recording Server installation, you will need to update all 3 components : recorder, controller and recordingserver.war

If you arent already using the Chronon Recording Server, go get it now!