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Chronon Systems – Beta Report Card

Posted by Prashant Deva on April 5, 2011

The Chronon beta launch has blown past our wildest expectations!

We got on the front page of :

  • Hacker News
  • Reddit – Programming
  • Javalobby
  • EclipseZone
  • TheServerSide

We were talked about in the Java Posse podcast.

We joined the Eclipse Foundation.
We couldn’t have developed Chronon without the maturity of the Eclipse platform, as we are excited to officially join as a member.

We won the first ever EclipseCon new products Showcase!
Chronon won the first “Eclipse Hot New Products Showcase”, held during EclipseCon 2011. The new product showcase award is given to the hottest Eclipse-based product, as voted by EclipseCon attendees, built or released in the last year. It was humbling to see the community support for Chronon, as we faced 20 other, much bigger competitors.

The backstory:

I remember talking to my business partner before the beta launch and since we didnt have much of a budget for marketing, we thought if we could get just 100 users for the beta, for a till then unknown product, we would consider it a success. Of course we shot way, way past that number within hours! In <12 hours of the launch we were on the front page of reddit and hacker news. I personally was on a flight to India during this and on my stop at Dubai to catch the connecting flight, I remember opening up my laptop and seeing all this crazy traffic on our website, bringing our server to its knees. I remember frantically calling one of my partners from the airport, on international roaming, to immediately upgrade the server. Overnight success feels awesome, especially if you have been working on it for over 4 years.

Since then we have been updating and polishing the beta based on the immense feedback we have gotten. We have also been updating and maintaining our documentation as we go along. Although we are not an open-source product, we like to be completely transparent on what is going on behind the scenes in Chronon. We believe that is more useful than just dumping a pile of source code which few would bother to read. For that purpose we have been updating this blog with the technical details and design decisions of Chronon and will continue to do so.

We are now just days away from the full release of Chronon. If you still havent tried Chronon, please download it from here.

I will end this post with just a few of the tweets from our users: