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See how Nokia uses Chronon

Posted by Prashant Deva on November 5, 2012

We sat down with Harikishore Tadigotla of Nokia to see how Nokia uses a combination of Chronon Recording Server and Chronon Time Travelling Debugger to diagnose their SMS processing issues.

>> Read full Nokia Case Study

Some tidbits from the case study:


“Before Chronon, we used to take a huge amount of time in reproducing production bugs. Some bugs were simply impossible to reproduce since our local environments were never exact replicas of production environment.”


“Reproducing the bugs in our local environments was usually a very huge and cumbersome process as it involved a long and tedious process to redeploy server builds onto local environments before we got to verify them. Verifying local environments involves running simulations of SMS requests, which was not very accurate. Using Chronon we could switch to the payload of accurate SMS requests, which increased the accuracy of tests run in local environments.”


“The primary benefit is the ease with which bugs can be reproduced ‘offline’. Another major benefit we found with using Chronon is it offers an understanding the existing codebase in a large team. This was found to be particularly helpful in our team since we had a huge codebase and only few developers had familiarity to major portions of our codebase.”


To get the full details, read the entire Nokia Case Study.