Chronon is a modern alternative to log files. Chronon’s ‘DVR for Java’ allows you to record the entire execution of your Java program to create ‘recordings’ which you can query at any time to monitor any piece of data in your IT infrastructure and create instant dashboards.



CloudBees is a Java PAAS. Its vision is to free developers from infrastructure maintenance duties so they can focus 100% on developing great applications.


JetBrains is a leading maker of intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools for software developers and the creator of Intellij IDEA IDE.

Eclipse Foundation

Chronon Systems is an Eclipse Foundation Solutions Member. Eclipse is an open source project which has been established as the de facto standard IDE for Java application development. The Chronon Eclipse plug-in enables you to record an application from Eclipse, and replay recordings in Eclipse, using our special time traveling debugger.


Jelastic is the only PaaS offering designed specifically for hosting service providers to deploy and make available to their customers. Jelastic automatically scales Java applications and allocates server resources required by applications.


Vaadin Ltd is the company behind the open source Vaadin application development tools. The development tools are used by tens of thousands of Java developers in more than 170 countries to build rich Web applications. For further information on Vaadin tools and services, see


Since 1987, BREDEX GmbH has been providing high quality information technology services in the areas of consultancy, analysis and design, software development, quality assurance and training. Based in Braunschweig, the company has a history of long term customer satisfaction and a focus on forward thinking, developing individual solutions that bring future standards to current project needs. BREDEX is a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation and is the company behind the Eclipse Jubula Project, a powerful and cost effective automatic test tool for Java and HTML applications. BREDEX also develops GUIdancer, a tool based on Jubula with added value and comfort for testers and test managers.