Chronon 4

Chronon 4 Whitepaper

Get rid of Log Files
See how Chronon compares with other
Log Management Solutions like ‘Splunk’

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Monitor anything, anytime

  • Monitor whatever you want in your system without the need to plan for it ahead of time
  • Not limited by contents of log files or predefined filters
  • See data spread across entire data center

Dashboards for the entire organization

  • Whether its the executives, operations, developers, or QA; create a separate dashboard relevant for everyone in the organization

No hassles of logging

  • No need to spend time and money on logging
  • Centralized recording control, much better than disparate log files
  • No need to ‘parse’ data. Put in the exact ‘Post Execution Logging’ statement and get output in the right format the first time

Instant Analytics

  • Instantly graph any data you want