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Chronon Recording Server

Download Recording Server (Version

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>> Installation Instructions

Chronon Time Travelling Debugger


>> Instructions on using the update site URL to install Chronon within Eclipse.

Requires Eclipse 3.6 (helios) or higher.
Mac Users: Please use Java 6 update 24 or higher.

If you cannot use our update site (e.g. due to firewall issues) or just prefer local installation:

  • Download the zipped version of the entire update site.
  • Please read installation instructions for manual installation.
  • Do not place the zip in the ‘eclipse/dropins’ folder.

Note : We strongly recommend using the update site whenever possible. Manual installation should only be used as a last resort.

Please read our Guide on using Chronon with Intellij IDEA

Record Remote Machines

Want to record outside eclipse?
Try out the Chronon Recording Server, designed specifically for recording remote Java apps and sharing recordings between teams.

Quick Start

Java Logging

See more at our Getting Started Guide,
or view the Step-by-Step Chronon Tutorial.