Post Execution Logging


Post Execution Logging  in Chronon allows you to:

  • Add logging anywhere in your code after your program has executed
    Yes, you can add logging after your program’s execution!
  • See results instantly
    See the results of the ‘post execution log statements’ instantly inside Chronon exactly as if they were present had you put them in your code. You don’t have to wait for your program to run for hours again to see the results. Its instant!
  • Jump instantly to time of log output
    Click on any of the resulting log msgs to jump instantly to the point in time of log execution and see all state and step back to find root cause of issue.
  • Use and inspect full state in logging statements
    You can add and see the values of all the variables and the state of your program in your ‘post execution’ logging statements

Benefits :

  • Get rid of logging statements in your code entirely
    No need to clutter your code with logging statements.
  • Faster development
    You no longer have to think about whether to add logging to a piece of code or not.
  • Better performance
    Your program doesn’t have any overhead of logging code anymore.
  • Much easier debugging
    Now you can easily add logging anywhere at all in your code and see the results exactly as if the log statement was there if you had put it in your original code.