Embedded Chronon

The Embedded Chronon licensing program allows you to embed the Chronon recorder inside your own applications and use the Chronon APIs to do things like start/stop recording, etc.

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Put a ‘record’ button inside your application!

Using the Chronon Recorder APIs, you can put a custom record button inside your application, which will allow users to start/stop recording from inside your application.

Provide an unparalleled support experience!

Using the embedded Chronon Recorder, you can get full Chronon recordings of issues from your customer and debug issues instantly, providing a great support experience to your customers.

Integrate Chronon with your application!

If you make development tools like a profiler, APM, Continuous Integration tool, etc, you can use the Embedded Chronon license to integrate Chronon deeply with your tool.

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Use for integrating Chronon inside your product. Especially useful if you are an ISV.

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Zero Performance overhead when not recording

There is no performance overhead when the recorder is not ‘recording’.

Dynamic Start and Stop

The recorder will be activated dynamically only when the user presses the record button, and when he presses the stop button to stop the recording, any extra resources consumed by the recorder will be released.

Dynamically change classes to record

You can dynamically change the set of classes to be recorded when a program is running. In fact, every time the user presses the ‘record’ button, a different set of classes to be recorded can be specified.

Extremely simple APIs

Extremely simple APIs like Recorder.start(), Recorder.stop(), etc, make the integration very simple to achieve.


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