Debug remote applications with ease

No need to fiddle with remote debuggers, breakpoints and log files. Just record your entire remote application using Chronon. When you notice a issue, just transfer the recording to your desktop and debug using our special Time Travelling Debugger.

Get rid of log files

With the Post Execution Logging feature in Chronon, you can add logging *after* the execution of your program and see results instantly. This means you can get rid of those logging statements cluttering your code and log files completely.

No need to reproduce bugs

Your bug is already captured in a recording. No need to figure out how to reproduce it. No more of thosenon-reproducible race condition bugs!

Share bugs easily

Since the Chronon recording file is all you need to replay the program execution and reproduce the bug, it is much easier to share bugs within and across teams. Just send over the Chronon recording file instead of writing long, detailed bug reports.

Easily debug complex, long running, multi-threaded applications

The Chronon Time Travelling debugger is a redefines what you think of a debugger. It is built from the ground up to allow you to easily debug applications that run for days or weeks at a time and spawn hundreds of threads.

Products Needed

Chronon Recording Server

Chronon Recording Server

Use for debugging remote applications and sharing recordings easily.

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Chronon Time Travelling Debugger

Chronon Time Travelling Debugger

Use to playback shared recordings and to record and debug local applications.

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