Embed Chronon seamlessly inside your application

You can embed and integrate Chronon in your application in any manner you wish. Want to add a custom ‘record’ button inside your application? You can do so.

No more ‘un-smooth’ product launches

No more ‘launch gone badly’. If you have a release of your product which shows bugs once it gets in the hands of customers, you can debug and fix them quickly using Chronon. You don’t have to be afraid of ‘unsmooth’ releases anymore.

Get full, highly detailed recordings for any bugs ‘in the wild’

We all hate bugs ‘in the wild’ on customer boxes, which you cannot reproduce on your machines. Chronon makes this a non-issue. Just get a Chronon recording of a bug from the customer and play it back on your machine to reproduce and detect root cause of an issue.

Allow customer to control start/stop of recording

The Chronon recorder allows dynamic start/stop of recording in a running application, without require any extra configuration. You don’t have to be afraid of privacy or performance issues when embedding Chronon inside your product. You can have full transparency and allow your customer to control when to start/stop recording inside your application.

Improve customer satisfaction with your product and company

A company that can fix issues instantly without hassling customers for extra information and can always have ‘smooth’ product launches is a company your customers want to do more business with. Chronon allows this.

Products Needed

Chronon Time Travelling Debugger

Chronon Time Travelling Debugger

Needed by each developer to playback the recordings and find root cause.

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Embedded Chronon

Embedded Chronon

Use for integrating Chronon inside your product.

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