No need for detailed bug reports

Your testers no longer need to write lengthy, detailed bug reports describing how to reproduce a bug. Just attach the Chronon recording to a bug report and forward to your development team for resolution using the Chronon Time Travelling Debugger.

No need to reproduce environments

The Chronon recordings are completely system independent. This means that apart from the Chronon recording file, you don’t need anything else to replay the bug on your machine. No need to setup complex databases, JMS servers, etc. to reproduce the issue.

No more non-reproducible bugs

Since Chronon records everything that happens inside your Java application, there are no more nonreproducible bugs, resulting in huge time savings.

Communicate and share bugs easily

It’s much easier to share and communicate about bugs since all you need is to pass around a Chronon recording instead of detailed reproduction steps and environment settings.

Debug issues in Parallel

Once a bug is found in a large codebase, the Chronon recording related to it can be given to all members of the development team at once and they can debug the issue concurrently, each one looking at their own piece of code.

Products Needed

Chronon Recording Server

Chronon Recording Server

Use for recording QA machines and/or your staging and testing servers.

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Chronon Time Travelling Debugger

Chronon Time Travelling Debugger

Needed by each developer to playback the recordings and find root cause.

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