Chronon comes to Intellij IDEA. Official partnership with Jetbrains

Posted by Prashant Deva on March 3, 2014
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    Intellij IDEA integration has been the most requested feature for Chronon. The Intellij plugin request thread is the highest voted thread on our forums, and we constantly get mails from people asking for explicit Intellij support.

    Today, I can finally publicly announce that Chronon and Jetbrains have made an official partnership to bring Chronon to Intellj IDEA! Details below:

    Which version of Intellij will contain Chronon?
    The Chronon plugin will ship as part of Intellij IDEA 13.1 Ultimate Edition.

    Do i have to pay separately for Chronon Intellij plugin?
    No. Chronon will be FREE for users of Intellij IDEA!

    Are all Chronon products going free?
    No. The Intellij Chronon plugin will only allow you to record from inside Intellij IDEA. To record outside Intellij, you will still need to use either Chronon Recording Server or Embedded Chronon.

    Is the Chronon Intellij plugin developed by Chronon Systems or Jetbrains?
    The Chronon plugin is developed by Jetbrains. It will still ship with our official recorder and underlying tech is still ours but the UI/plugin portion is done by Jetbrains. While we do provide them with full technical support on developing the best possible plugin, ultimately they decide what goes in and what gets left on the cutting floor.

    With recordings made in Intellij be compatible with recordings from Eclipse, and other Chronon products?
    Since the Intellij Chronon plugin will still use our official recorder/unpacker, a Chronon recording made from Eclipse or Chronon Recording Server or Embedded Chronon can still be opened in Intellij and vice versa.


    Start using it now!

    You can use Chronon with the latest Intellij 13.1 EAP right now!

    Here are the instructions on the official Intellij blog:

    Using Chronon with Intellij IDEA

    Posted by Prashant Deva on November 25, 2011
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      For all the Intellij IDEA users out there dying to use Chronon, we have now published a detailed guide on Using Chronon alongside Intellij IDEA