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DripStat – Java Performance Monitoring Service + Realtime MMO Game

Posted by Prashant Deva on January 8, 2014
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    Today we are releasing DripStat.

    What is DripStat?

    DripStat is a Java/Scala Performance Monitoring Service.

    Is there a twist?
    Of course!
    Even though DripStat is currently free, the community needs to ‘earn’ more free features. That’s why DripStat is also designed like a Realtime MMO Game.

    The way it works is, you either:

    1. Connect more JVMs
    2. Play the DripStat Game

    The points accumulated by doing either of those ‘upgrade’ the entire service to a new ‘level’ offering free features for everyone! There will eventually be a paid portion, but what you ‘earn’ is what you keep for free.

    Umm.. What?!
    As crazy as it sounds, it gets crazier. Within 24 hours of going live, before we were even ready to announce it on this blog, people have already crossed Level 1 of DripStat! Heck, we have close to a 100 people already signed up for the service. We thought it would take a month to get there….

    But enough talking, try it yourself:

    and dont forget to Connect your JVM.